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Yunkang Group is a medical operation service provider in China. For more than ten years, Yunkang has gradually developed into a leading platform for medical operation service using its own professional diagnostic capabilities and healthcare services network.

As one of the top five companies in China's medical operation service market in terms of revenue in 2020, Yunkang has three business lines, covering diagnostic testing services for medical institution alliances, diagnostic outsourcing services, and diagnostic testing services for non-medical institution customers. Yunkang is also China's second largest provider in terms of medical testing service income in 2020 offering diagnostic testing services for medical institution alliances in China, providing a full range of medical and health services covering diagnostic testing services for medical institution alliances and diagnosis outsourcing.

  • 2008yr

    Carry out diagnostic services

  • 2000+

    Test items

  • 50million+

    Diagnostic testing

Main Business
Building on our diagnostic expertise and our established healthcare services network, Yunkang's service portfolio mainly includes three types.
Service Support
Yunkang Advantages
  • A medical operation service provider in China offering diagnostic testing services for medical insti

    Yunkang has provided professional services to over 700 medical institutions from 300 medical institution alliances in China. As of December 31, 2021, the hospitals we collaborated with were located across 31 provinces and municipalities in China, with a majority of such hospitals located in Guangdong province, where our headquarters located. As of April 25, 2022, we also assisted in establishing and operating 322 on-site diagnostic centers.

  • Strong standardization capabilities

    Yunkang is the only execution partner of CLSI's healthcare business and the only branch office of CLSI in China. Over the years, they are committed to increasing the overall recognition and capability of grassroots medical institutions in China.

  • Comprehensive and professional diagnostic capabilities

    Yunkang has the largest number of ICLs in China that hold both ISO15189 and CAP certifications. With accurate diagnostic capabilities, it provides comprehensive and high-quality diagnosis services for cooperative hospitals.

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